Accessibility Feedback Process

China Telecom Canada (“CTC”) has established the following feedback process in accordance with the Accessible Canada Act.

Our feedback process allows the public to comment on the development of the CTC’s initial accessibility plan and any barriers to accessibility that may have been encountered in accessing the CTC (CTExcel) website or ordering, installing or using the CTC services.

The feedback process consists of the following elements:
Feedback may be provided using any one of the following methods:

a) by telephone at 1-877-331-9871;

b) by sending an email to [email protected] ;

c) by completing the online form ;

d) by mail to 175 Commerce Valley Dr W #210, Thornhill, ON, CA, L3T 7P6.

Feedback may be provided anonymously.
Any feedback received will be acknowledged by CTC, except for feedback that is provided anonymously.
*Alternative Formats

This description of CTC’s feedback process can be made available in print, large print, braille, audio format, electronic format or any other format that we made agree to provide. To obtain the feedback description, please send your request to [email protected].

Online Form
Please fill out the form provide feedback or receive accessibility support. You may submit anonymous feedback.

* Please describe the issue, including details such as the name of the webpage or program involved:

I consent to receiving email correspondence from CTC as part of this feedback resolution process.